Friday, October 10, 2014



I know I am not alone as a missionary parent when I say that Mondays are like Christmas.   I find it hard to concentrate at work because I’m checking my email and refreshing over and over again. 
Our email the week of the 29th was PAINFULLY short.  No details. No pictures.  I am glad to know she is having a blast, however.  And even though it was short and sweet it was better than nothing J  

In all actuality this email in all of it’s unedited glory is really kinda representative of what it’s like living with Emily sometimes.  She is always going mach 3 with her hair on fire.  And she is full of energy.  Sometimes she literally bounces from one thing to the next.  I love living vicariously through her.


Guess what? I get to go to the Sacramento Air Force base today!!!  That is why I am super short on email time.

I am excited!!!

Dad you should tell me a joke or something.  Google one.... or make one up since you don't have internet (haha) 

Or a good life story.

I like your stories.

So ya CA is great!

Thanks for the love and everything!


Tell everyone awesome job too (football and harvard etc) My family is SO COOL.  Seriously.

So is work good and everything?  Are you listening to any good books lately?

I am glad everything is going so good!! I miss you guys!

Oh one last thing....... GUESS WHAT I DID THIS WEEK?

I ate a ...... chili de arbol..... 

It was awesome.  I have never been in pain so bad in my life like mouthwise.  OUCH.  

I am in a process of conversion to my mexican self. 

I will tell you about my investigators next week so that you know I am actually doing missionary work and spiritual things are happening in my life...... hahaha sorry!

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