Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September 7 - So I heard about that BYU game....

Hi family!

Well the internet is down, there are no libraries open, and we are all sharing computers, so it's going to be short this week! :)  

This week was great, and as always I learned a lot from the hard school of missionary life.  

Just kidding- nothing spectacular really happened just going along.  

Fun things:

- we are beginning to teach Exxxxo's younger brother.  It was a little rough because we were feeling extreme pressure, but I know he was probably acting tough for his brother.  It was weird seeing the family, because they don't look anything alike.  His brother said he had noticed a difference in Exxxxo for the better (and then proceeded to tell us how Exxxxo used to be .... and .... and **** and ......) of all the things Exxxxo did wrong in his life. hahahaha.  Brothers.  But I think it was a good lesson.  

READY FOR THE NEXT THING? we finally caught Bxxxxo home, and he has worked himself up the ladder at his new work and he told us that in 2-3 weeks he will be able to come back to church every week!  I had thought that because he wasn't reading or praying or coming to church that he was completely forgetting about us and the Church but he really hasn't been, and he still wants to come back!! I was so shocked and I felt like crying I was so happy!  

Other funny thing is we contacted a sales guy for Energy Outside, and he is actually a convert to the church!  He goes to a singles ward down in Modesto.  He loves the church so much and he shares it so much with every person he meets.  So he totally talks about religion during work (don't know how much of that is allowed haha) and he keeps sending us referrals of people he has invited to talk with the missionaries and said yes!  So we have a Spanish speaking friend out in Manteca to help us out.  

Last funny thing, is we were talking to Exxxxo about maybe doing a fast for his family, and he was like "no, I fast all the time, a couple weeks ago I fasted every other day!"  It caught me by surprise, and I just started laughing.  Of course he would be fasting every other day! I told him he probably shouldn't do that because he was going to die.  Then he said he had actually lost 10 pounds (ah man haha) But he wasn't doing it to lose weight.  He has a lot of faith that is for sure!  

So I heard about that BYU game.  Every single member in this stake was freaking out about it.  haha.  


Hermana Sheffer

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