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September 21 - FOTO OVERLOAD

We knew that this was going to be a big transfer for Emily. With the new mission being formed in July plus many of the Sisters completing their 18 months, there are not a lot of Sisters left.  Emily  said she thought she would be training at least one if not two Sisters.  She has also been in Manteca since February, but we couldn't see her being assigned new Sisters in a brand new area, either.

Emily's email came really late this week. We couldn't wait to hear about where she will be, who she will be with, etc etc.
She proceeded to tell us NOTHING.  She sent some AWESOME pictures, but if it was not for the amazing Leilani posting on Facebook that Hermana Sheffer was staying in Manteca for a sixth transfer, we would have had no idea what town she was even going to be in.

And if it wouldn't have been for Hermana Carpenter posting on HER blog ( that she and Hermana Sheffer would be together again, we wouldn't have known who her companion was or what her assignment would be.  This is a quote from Hermana Carpenter's blog with "the scoop":

"So Sunday morning we got transfer calls, duh duh duh. So all of the Sisters in the mission are training EXCEPT me, Hermana Sheffer and one other companionship. Hermana Sheffer and I will stay together in Manteca as Sister Training Leaders. The other companionship will be STL's as well. We will be the only two sets in the mission and with a total of 32 sisters - that is a lot of work! That is what happens when somehow you and your companion become trusted by the mission president."

So a big thanks to Hermana Carpenter and Leilani so we know WHERE our daughter is and WHO she is with and WHAT she is up to!
Okay I will stop complaining now because WOWSERS she sent some GREAT pictures.

From Emily:

I am so sorry it's short this week but I am going to use time to send pictures!! Lots going on that is for sure!!! I loved all your emails and read them all! 

These are flashback fotas gracias a Leilani! 

First is outside the vegan ice cream place after transfer 3 of Manteca

After is on the 4th of July after we all served Alfred by cutting his hair hahahaha. 

Then is my all time favorite picture ever of me and Leilani! One of the reasons I am so excited to still be in Manteca  is Leilani! She is my favorite!!

Now a flashback to when Exxxxo gave me his band shirt! 

Now here is the gang of the Monte Vista Spanish Ward! Good times with these misioneros! This was our Last Sunday! Leilani pictures!

Elder Martinez, Elder Griffin, Hermana Sheffer, Hermana Carpenter
Hermana Sheffer and Hermana Carpenter

Both Hermana Sheffer and Elder Griffin are on their SIXTH transfer in Manteca!

Note from Sonja: Leilani also put this picture on her facebook page and said she made everyone get lower than her as she is so short! HA HA! Love it.

Serving at the Food Bank

 This is Lxxxxe! She made us mole and it was DELICIOUS!

This is Lxxxxe and her son Mxx!!

Hermana Carpenter and I with Mxx!

Mxx saying goodbye to us out his window!

We have been redeemed from those punks who ate our pizza!! Thanks to my mother our Dominoes fix has been satisfied...... for this week at least.....



Our trip to the recycling center!

All summer we gained 7 dollars of recycled water bottles!! WOOT WOOT!

My new $8 Yoga Mat!

Funny moment is I was companions with Leilani and some guy we contacted knew about jack Mormons of all things, so we were talking. I do not consider myself a Molly Mormon, so Leilani said I am Maria Mormon, hahaha with the Spanish accent which I can't translate into this keyboard. But it was pretty fun. 

Another funny is that we have been visiting all of Exxxxo's family, and one house was of a cousin we had randomly contacted outside and then we found out was related to Exxxxo through talking to him. We were talking to his wife, when he walked in from work, saw us, then said "You found me!" Hahaha it was hilarious. Well til next week!

Lots of love Hna Sheffer

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