Monday, September 14, 2015

September 2015 - The zombies of Manteca


This week has been CCCRRRRAAAAZZZZZYYYYY.  There were a couple of times where I thought, hmmm this is weird.  

So I thought the world was ending.  First off there are fires happening in my mission.  There are missionaries up in the mountains that have had to be evacuated!  They are really bad.  The light has been tinted pink for a couple of days, and there is always ash on our car, and people do not want to talk to us...  It is kind of zombie-ish haha.

But to keep with the inner peace I have been trying to be holy, and I have also taken up Yoga!  My companion has 20 minute yoga workouts and I LOVE THEM.  I am so excited to do it that I do it in the morning, and at night before bed.  I have only done it 5 times now, and I can already touch the ground!  I am going to be strong in body AND spirit when I get back home, and hopefully more flexible.  More at one with the earth.  I can see me swimming, and doing yoga in the mornings for the rest of my life.  

Exciting news is that I finished reading my Libro de Mormon!  It was great to see the difference of understanding from beginning to end.  I started it in January, and compared to then I now understand everything that it says in there!  I only use the dictionary occasionally!  It was kind of a sad moment though, because I feel like it means my mission is coming to an end.... and then I hear news of my plane ticket is already out there?!?!! :(  Don't know how time seems to fly so fast!  I love my mission that is for sure.  

One weird experience is that I was trying to read in English  the word "ancient" I was trying to say like you would in spanish, and it really confused me until I realized it was "ancient" haha.  

This week we went and met all of Exxxxo's family.  I always get nervous when I am meeting important people  so we met with his Aunt that lives close.  We are talking to her when what do you know.... His brothers, cousins, and uncles walk in......... There were 10 grown adults listening to us.  That is like a golden opportunity but I was having a nervous breakdown inside... It was crazy!  But they all listened and were respectful, and I know that one day if not soon, there will be people joining Exxxxo from his family!  He is definitely going to be the Pioneer of his family.  
*****(His family definitely loves and respects him.  I found out that everybody in his family has a love for him, because he was the one that crossed his WHOLE family safely across the frontera.  He was the first one in his family to come to the United States, and now the Gospel too!)**********

I gave a lesson in church this week on developing talents.  Hermana Carpenter and I also teamed up on the organ so they were all raving, because its rare to have the organ in a Spanish ward haha.  The new bishopric is good.

Also little moment of God loving to me.  I have wanted a pair of Huaraches since I discovered what they are... Google them.... now picture them with socks..... and that is what lots of the men I work with wear.  I am a fan of socks, and now I AM PROUD TO SAY I AM THE OWNER OF HUARACHES!!!!  A member bought them for us from La Pulga.  I have been wearing them around the house to break them in.  They also have flat bottoms so they are good for tap dancing!  I am so happy.  

The trial of this week was PRIDE.  It is amazing how destructive it is, and I hope I have the humility to overcome those types of experiences in my future.  HUMBLE. HUMBLE.HUMBLE.HUMBLE.  

I had pictures to send, and then I forgot my camera.  This week is going to be busy with transfer calls on Saturday.  I don't feel like I am leaving Manteca yet, but if I do, I predict Lodi or Turloc!  


Lots of love,


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