Tuesday, August 18, 2015

AUGUST 17 - The Perks of being a Mantecan Old-Timer

Well being an old timer in Manteca has its perks. 

For example:
  • I know this city and can drive around without a GPS!
  • All the members actually know my name
  • I could probably retire from the food bank. 
  • I start running into people I have taught before around town.  hahaha. 

School started this week around town, so that is fun to have that atmosphere.  I am excited for Elizabeth to start too!  BYU in the fall time is one of my favorite things in the entire world!

Well this week has been really amazing. First off I want to say that Hermana Carpenter and I are doing amazing.  I replaced her in Manteca the first time so it is fun to have us both know the people and area and just start off running.  She taught Bxxxxo before so we are determined to get him back on track if we can.  We had a miracle where we went to visit him right when he got home from work so we were able to talk for a bit.  I miss Bxxxxo!!  He is a workaholic! So I know she is here for a reason! 

Hermana Carpenter, Hemana Porter, Hermana Cuesta, Hermana Sheffer

The only bad thing is that Bxxxxo is working himself to death and dying of a cold that he won’t rest from to get better, and now Hermana Carpenter and I have the biggest colds ever. 

Worth it worth it!! 

I am conflicted because I have the worst cold ever, and then I walk outside into 110 degree weather!  IT IS SO HOOOOOOTTTTT.  I have started a thing where I accept every water bottle that is ever offered to me, and I have a collection of them in the car.  I will take a picture to show you my pile haha.  Also there has been a lot of smoke.  It isn’t super bad, but we are definitely seeing the results from those fires.  

We are both very determined to have a good transfer and we are working on working with the spirit. For example after the new missionary leadership meeting (Hermana Carpenter is first time STL) we learned about how we should receive revelation for the numbers we put as goals. So we were both excited to start setting goals after asking our Heavenly Father who and how many he wanted to be baptized. It was really an amazing experience to both think of the same number!! We are really motivated to try to find those people! It was probably the best weekly planning session I have ever had in my mission. It is exciting to have that goal, and have it be more than oh I put a number there. It changes your whole mindset, it makes a difference in your motivation that is for sure! We know Heavenly Father has prepared someone and we are going to work our hardest to find them! 

Studies have been going well and we have been role playing a lot which really helps me.  I am almost to Jesus in the Americas in my Spanish Book of Mormon. 

This week I had a crisis where I lost my Bible and felt like my arm was missing, but then I found it again in the church lost and found!  

Another amazing thing is that Exxxxo, went to do baptisms for the dead for the first time. When he is really excited his voice gets higher and higher, and he talks faster and faster.  I called him to make sure his ride had picked him up and he was almost squeaky! 

When we talked about it later he said that it was so beautiful, and that while he was in there waiting to do baptisms for the dead he felt as though he had died and that he was really waiting in heaven to go see our Heavenly Father for the first time and be interviewed. He also said that when he was watching the baptisms he saw clouds around the baptismal font. Well just say it was an amazing experience for him. He is so excited to get family names to take. We are also teaching his cousin now! She is not super interested it appears, but I know something is going on in that house that will happen soon!

So this week we have stopped teaching Lxxxxe for a bit because her son jumped off a table and broke his head open.  She had to take him to a children’s hospital in Sacramento this entire week, and so we have only been able to text.  But she will be ok, we are going to keep helping her!  

Our investigator brought alcohol in a paper bag to church.  But people are coming to church! 

Send me pictures of Taylor on her wedding!!  It sounded beautiful!!

Nathan picking 22 was my favorite story ever, but I am super proud of him for giving up his number, way to be a good sport/teammate! 

I asked and you all can pick me up!!!!  There is a final testimony meeting for all the missionaries who are leaving, and I bet you could come to that!  We will have to see! 

Well I love being a missionary, and I know that we have a Heavenly Father who really does help us daily to learn what we need to! I am definitely learning a lot of amazing things!  


Hermana Sheffer.  

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