Tuesday, August 11, 2015


I have been called to serve in the Manteca area..... for a FIFTH transfer! 

Good thing I am in love with Manteca

I will tell you why I love it really quick:

- I love the Ward
- I love playing piano for church
- I love singing in the choir
- I love all the Manteca families
- I love Exxxxo and Bxxxxo
- I love how many Veterans there are
- I love how patriotic it is
- I love Hno Gonzalez's principles of the gospel class
- I love the service
- I love the zen garden
- I love Leilani and Alfred our ward missionaries
- I love how small town it is
- I love how nice it is to go and contact people outside and they are nice - lots of families
- I love Lxxxxe and her inspiration for my life
- We have the coolest elders to serve with in our Ward.  Elder Griffen is an Elder that began training in Tracy when I moved to Manteca and we have been in Monte Vista for 5 transfers now!! He is hilarious 
- I love all the little Mexican markets
- I love speaking Spanish
- I love sharing the gospel and studying it in the morning!
I LOVE ALL THE EXPERIENCES I HAVE HAD HERE! This has just been a golden time of my mission.  So I am glad to get to be here a while longer.

I am still a Sister Training Leader, and my new companion is the Hermana Carpenter!  She graduated from BYU with a degree in Biology and she is planning on going to medical school after.  I want to talk to her a little bit about pharmacy, ooorr a lot!  Still on a major pharmacy kick.  I think there is a reason I have been hooked on pharmacy for so long.  I am just going to try to get in through normal school, or maybe through the Air Force!  But back to Hermana Carpenter - I have been on exchanges with her before and they were really chill.  Which I would love because conflict is not very good for me! 

Hermana Carpenter (my new Companera), Hermana Cuesta, me, Herman Porter 

I am really excited for this transfer and grateful!  

So there were 5 Spanish Hermanas in all of Modesto, but Hermana Porter got switched for a transfer into English work!  She will be serving in the Modesto YSA ward.  I lived with her for 3 months and let me tell you those YSA people are going to LOVE her.  She can make anybody laugh in 2-3 seconds. 
Hermana Porter

They are going to switch her back after this transfer because the other 2 Hermanas that are Spanish are leaving!  This is their last transfer!  Which will mean there will be 3 of us left when Hna Porter switches back, and President said that they are expecting 6 NEW Spanish speaking Hermanas the next transfer!  Soooo we may all be double training!  We don't know for sure what is happening, but craziness is happening! 

The island sisters Tu'atonga and Boata are both staying in the area, but they are both training!  

So there are transfers :)

On exchanges with Herman Sellers
On to stories of this week.

I will start off with the cat.  Hna Cuesta and I were driving on the freeway, and she saw a little kitten terrified against the giant walls of the freeway so she is like PULL OVER!  (We have a thing about saving cats, we saved one from a tree one time haa) and it was terrified poor thing.  A Highway Patrolman saw us and came over on his little motorcycle as well, we were all trying to help it.  But it got soo scared that it ran straight out into traffic and got hit and then dragged itself over to the other side. 

The officer saved it by putting a towel over its head so that it wouldn’t freak out, and then Hna Cuesa and I drove it to a 24 hour vet clinic.  They looked at it and then said that its back legs were paralyzed, and so they put it down.  I was so sad.  I felt like I had caused its death a little bit.  I was for sure that we were going to rescue that cat, and give it to Exxxxo and he would heal his heart of his lost rabbit for that cute little kitten.  But it got put to sleep :(  I am totally a cat person so I was broken, but now I know to cover its head with a rag, or a shirt or something.

Next thing was I planned a surprise party for Hna Cuesta’s departure.  Who knew that planning a surprise party for your companion that is with you 24/7 and shares your phone could be so hard?!!  haha so I got our District together and planned a morning sports, followed by smoothies, and then service at the Delgado’s Ranch!  I told them all to keep it a surprise... buuuuuut ya. 

The night before EVERY SINGLE set of elders called us to be reminded of times etc.  We normally never get calls and they were like, “Oh hi Hna Cuesta, we actually need to talk to Hermana Sheffer not you....” all within a span of half an hour haha. 


So she knew, but she didn’t know what we were doing exactly so it was still fun.  We hit a piñata at the ranch, and it was just a good time.  Oh I also finished Hna Cuestas trunky planner!  I will send a picture soon.

Service at the Delgado's ranch

I have now killed off ANOTHER companion.

This week I got to go on a exchange with Hna Porter!  It was a good North Sac flashback! 

hmmmm....... we are getting kicked off the computers.....

Well I guess more next week!

Thanks for the email today, I was seriously laughing through it!

I love that Gpa Sheffer and dad played Wii golf. 

Say hi to Kellee and good luck to Taylor for her wedding!!!

And tell Grandpa Taylor thanks for the email, I love those selfies!  My whole district knows what my grandpa looks like now!  

Hermana Cuesta flies out Wednesday to Virginia!  She is going to BYU as well and studying Conservation Biology! 


Love Hermana Sheffer of the Manteca area. 

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